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19. 10. 2017

Are Digitalisation & Storage the Future of Solar? Solarwatt Helps Us Breakdown These Two Trends

We sat down with Michiel van Schalkwijk, VP of International Sales at Solarwatt, to discuss the digital & storage trends in the solar sector right now and why this event is important for the European solar industry.


09. 10. 2017

Post Conference Thoughts | RENEWABLE ENERGY TRADE MISSION IN KSA, 3 - 4 OCTOBER 2017

Interview with Andrew Renton, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP, panellist at the conference session “How Will Storage Impact the Saudi Plan?”


14. 09. 2017

Eco Marine Global – Face-To-Face with Markus A.W. Hoehner About His Vision for Marine Transportation | Markus A.W. Hoehner, Founder/Director, Eco Marine Global FZC

E-mobility is not only about cars. Markus Hoehner the founder of Eco Marine Global answered questions about his path to sustainability in his undertakings of the past 16 years and what lead to the promotion and sale of solar...



12. 10. 2017

Interview with TrinaBESS | Frank Qi, General Manager, TrinaBESS

TrinaBESS, leading Chinese supplier and manufacturer of battery energy storage systems, delivers its products all over the world. Since business started in 2010, TrinaBESS, as part of the Trina Group, belongs to the fastest...


12. 10. 2017

An Integrated Solution to Address Seasonal Storage Needs | Dr. Henrik Colell, Co-Founder & Managing Director, HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH

Consumers are driven by a desire for independence. As feed-in tariffs are decreasing, self-consumption is gaining momentum. However, seasonal storage and balancing requirements exist not only for private homes but also for the...


12. 10. 2017

Home Storage Systems: VARTA Presents its Compact Wall-Mounted Solution | Gordon Clements, General Manager Residential Power & Energy, VARTA Storage GmbH

VARTA, the German producer of batteries, recently launched its compact wall-mounted solution VARTA pulse. Gordon Clements, General Manager for Residential Power & Energy presented this system for the ees Magazine.


27. 09. 2017

Learn More About Your Battery Cell Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) | Nicolas Murer Applications Manager, Bio-Logic SAS

The most common way to characterize a battery cell or half-cell is by applying a continuous charge or discharge current and measuring its potential. This gives information on the general performance of the battery: capacity,...


25. 09. 2017

The MENA Region – The Next Hot Market for Energy Storage? | Florian Mayr, Partner, Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory

The global market for stationary battery energy storage is set to experience tremendous growth by 2025 – about 30 times its current size. This is expected to come mainly from the “usual suspects” such as the USA, China, India and...


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