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31. 07. 2017

Microgrids – Bringing Power to Remote Regions of the World | Romina Arcamone Garcia, Market Manager – Latin America, Trojan Battery, Co., LLC

Establishment of clean energy microgrids worldwide is increasing to supply power to remote villages, which are not connected to the main electric grid


26. 07. 2017

Utility Scale Battery Electrical Energy Storage System – its Time Has Come in India | Ravikumar Gurumurti, Consultant, Intersolar India

The solar industry in India set up as early as 1977 sustained for over three decades purely on the government supported remote home lighting programmes like lanterns, home lighting and street lighting and remote industry...


20. 07. 2017

Review of Two World-Renowned Energy Storage Exhibitions: ees Europe and ees North America | Xenia Zoller, Assistant Editor, ees International

Two of the leading global exhibitions of the electrical energy storage sector took place from 31 May to 2 June 2017 in Munich, Germany, and from 11 to 13 July 2017 in San Francisco, USA.


13. 07. 2017

Graphene Ultracapacitors Power a Fuel-Saving KERS for Heavy Transportation | Michael Liedtke, SVP of Business Development, Skeleton Technologies

A new, motorsports-type Kinetic Energy Recovery System for heavy transportation can reduce fuel consumption by up to 32% for urban delivery trucks.


05. 07. 2017

Smart, Flexible Solutions That Optimize Energy Production in a Smart Microgrid | Federica Bianchettin, Marketing Department, Nidec ASI

Imagine being able to combine the predictability tools of an Energy Management System with the full control of a Power Management System in one, easy-to-use software platform...


23. 06. 2017

Electric Nation – The World’s Largest Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Trial | Esther Dudek, Senior Consultant, EA Technology

While sales of EVs, with an ever increasing choice for the consumer both in terms of the number of models available and vehicle driving range, continue to rise, prices are predicted to continue to fall...


16. 06. 2017

How Silicone-Based Solutions Are Enabling Next-Generation Batteries | Brice Le Gouic, Global Segment Leader, Transportation Electronics, Dow Performance Silicones

As automotive battery manufacturers confront more stringent demands on performance and productivity, advanced silicone technology is becoming instrumental in improving the reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness of...


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