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07. 12. 2016

Energy: Hybrid nanostructures hold hydrogen well

Layers of graphene separated by nanotube pillars of boron nitride may be a suitable material to store hydrogen fuel in cars, according to Rice University scientists.[more]


23. 11. 2016

Glow-in-the-dark dye could fuel liquid-based batteries

A dye called BODIPY has special chemical properties that could facilitate energy storage, study finds[more]


25. 10. 2016

Energy: From ancient fossils to future cars

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside's Bourns College of Engineering have developed an inexpensive, energy-efficient way to create silicon-based anodes for lithium-ion batteries from the fossilized remains of...[more]


12. 10. 2016

New kind of supercapacitor made without carbon

Energy storage devices called supercapacitors have become a hot area of research, in part because they can be charged rapidly and deliver intense bursts of power.[more]


20. 09. 2016

Energy: Chemists Offer Enhanced 3D Look Inside Batteries

A team of chemists has developed a method to yield highly detailed, three-dimensional images of the insides of batteries. The technique, based on magnetic resonance imaging, offers an enhanced approach to monitor the condition of...[more]


30. 08. 2016

New electrical energy storage material shows its power

Nanomaterial combines attributes of both batteries and supercapacitors.[more]


16. 08. 2016

Slicing Through Materials with a New X-ray Imaging Technique

Images reveal battery materials' chemical reactions in five dimensions – 3D space plus time and energy.[more]


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